Vertical Aluminium Radiators

Lightweight and stylish vertical aluminium radiators

These lightweight and stylish vertical aluminium radiators are fantastic space-saving and economically-viable heating alternatives to your traditional steel radiators. Easy to install due to being around 50% lighter than their alternatives, the vertical option is featuring much more frequently in modern apartments due to their space saving properties. Gone are the days of losing your radiator behind furniture, vertical radiators are perfectly designed to optimise wall space by featuring higher up the wall.

As well as these vertical radiators, we have a wide selection of horizontal aluminium radiators available if a taller radiator is not to your taste or viable for your particular home or office installation.

Aluminium radiators traditionally feature in black, grey, anthracite, and white, all of which look sharp, sleek and tidy with many of the valves and accessories that we offer. From copper valves combined with grey radiators to the more traditional chrome valve with white radiators, we are sure you can find the perfect combination for your setting.

If you have any questions or require any help or assistance in making your mind up - please contact us or call us on 02394 216 216.

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