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Aluminium Radiators

Efficient and Eco-friendly Designer Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium Radiators 4u is dedicated to offering you a great selection of high efficiency, eco-friendly radiators at the very best price, with the fastest possible delivery and outstanding customer service. We have teamed up with the very best manufacturers to bring you the most practical and stylish aluminium radiators available today.

Why are aluminium radiators so popular? In brief, they are popular for being super-efficient and eco-friendly.

The efficiency comes from three main areas:

i) Aluminium's ability to conduct heat; aluminium conducts heat at nearly 7 times the rate of steel, meaning it will extract the heat from the hot water in your system faster and heat up your rooms quickly.

ii) Low water volume: Due to the excellent heat extraction, the size of the tubes inside these radiators is much smaller than a conventional radiator and less water is needed in your central heating system, which brings more efficiency.

iii) Fins are generally added to the design of aluminium radiators, which increases the surface area and allows heat to radiate out into the room. These fins can contribute to a chimney effect through the radiator, which draws cooler air up from the bottom and heats the air as it passes upwards, convecting the heat around the room.

The eco-friendly credentials are formed from:

i) Lower fuel costs; with efficiency comes savings and your fuel bill will be reduced when using aluminium radiators in place of conventional steel radiators. A smaller fuel bill means a smaller carbon footprint and a step in the right direction to saving the planet. ii) Smaller radiators; the increased efficiency means you need a smaller radiator to heat the same size room, which is great where space is at a premium. The smaller size means less raw material to manufacture the radiator, which is also a benefit to the environment.

iii) 100% recyclable - Aluminium is easy to melt down and recycle. When your radiator has reached the end of its working life, all of the aluminium can be reclaimed and reused.

Are aluminium radiators expensive? When comparing two 60cm x 60cm radiators, one made from steel and the other made from aluminium, the steel radiator might at first glance seem like the cheaper option. But you need to consider the heat output from each radiator, as you may only require a much smaller aluminium radiator for your heat requirements, which will be cheaper. You then need to consider the running costs and the comfort factor, as the aluminium radiator will be cheaper to run and will bring your room to a comfortable temperature more quickly.

To see some examples of aluminium radiators in our customers homes, why not visit the Customer Gallery!

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