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Modern Radiator Valve & Pipe Sleeve Bundles

Modern Radiator Valve & Pipe Sleeve Bundles: The Complete Solution for Your Heating Needs

Our excellent variety of superb Modern Radiator Valve & Pipe Sleeve Bundles, are a fantastic accompaniment to your radiator, the great variety of these valves means that there is a valve for any heating environment. Fine examples of these valve and pipe sleeve bundles are the Ramone with its striking contemporary styling, available in a variety of colours and orientations these valves are suitable for any heating situation. Another valve to consider when purchasing one of our modern pipe sleeve bundles is the Marvine, this valve is a fantastic option for your new radiator, its muted and cultured design is the perfect accompaniment to a forward facing space. Available in a multitude of colours and orientations this valve is truly an all rounder, ready for any heating environment. We also offer more valve options in our terrific range of Traditional Radiator Valve & Pipe Sleeve Bundles.

Our modern Radiator Valve & Pipe Sleeve Kits include:

We would advise that you purchase the pipe sleeve bundle with your chosen radiator as the pipe sleeve kit is difficult to apply to a radiator after it has been installed as these pipe sleeves are not clip on, rather they slide over the copper pipe feeding the valve.

When fitting these products:

      • Your central heating system needs to be drained
      • Valve/lock shields removed to fit the sleeves and floor plates.
      • When refilling your system we always recommend using an Inhibitor And Protector.
      • It's important to note that these are just general tips. The specific installation instructions may vary depending on the type of radiator and valve you have. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with your product.

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