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Price Match Guarantee
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Making a Complaint

Making a complaint to Radiators 4u

We aim to provide great service but understand that sometimes things go wrong.
If we can't immediately resolve your problem when you tell us about it - and we will try, we operate a simple three-stage process for the handling of complaints.

Stage 1 - Initial Complaint

You can make a complaint via:

  • Email: .

Please send us:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your email address and phone number
  • The invoice number from your purchase at Radiators 4u
  • The code for the specific part or parts that are causing an issue and a description of the problem
  • An image and / or video showing the issue
  • The resolution or required outcome that you're seeking

We'll acknowledge your complaint within 4 trading hours and aim to provide a full response one trading day after that. If our reply will take longer then we'll let you know.

Stage 2 - First Review

If you're not satisfied with the reply you receive at Stage 1, you can ask for a review. Our Sales and Customer Service Manager will look again at your complaint and reply within two trading days (or advise you if the reply will take longer than that).

Stage 3 - Final Review

If you're still unhappy with the way that we've handled your complaint you can ask the General Manager to consider it. You'll get a response within three trading days.

Follow this link to see our full Complaints Policy.