Mars Vertical Steel Radiators

Stunning Vertical Steel Designer Radiators in White, Silver, or Anthracite Grey

Vertical radiators are taller than they are wide, a change from the traditional horizontal radiators seen in many buildings. They are a great choice for homeowners with an eye for detail, adding a stylish flair to any room. These stunning vertical radiators are perfect for installing on narrow walls between two doors or for freeing up wall space for other furniture. From the leading manufacturer Eucotherm, they are perfect for modern homes, and there are three beautiful finishes to choose from, popular white, stunning silver, and stylish anthracite.

Our Eucotherm Mars vertical designer radiators are a great match for modern interior design, with a sleek, stylish aesthetic that looks amazing while keeping you warm. The versatile white option is perfect for blending into any colour scheme, while the striking silver and anthracite grey choices look fantastic when used in monochrome settings.

Impressive radiators like the Eucotherm Mars Vertical Radiators deserve to be partnered with equally eye-catching radiator accessories, and you are certain to find the perfect match in our huge choice of modern radiator valves. With so many colours to choose from, including shiny chrome and the ever-popular white, there is something for every home.