Anthracite Grey Designer Steel Radiators

Anthracite Designer Column Radiators. Modern, Fresh & Stylish

A stylish choice for contemporary homes, our range of Anthracite Grey Steel Designer Radiators are perfect for making a statement. Anthracite grey is a popular choice in modern architecture, looking especially fantastic in rooms with a grey or monochrome colour scheme. These designer radiators also complement minimalist and modern décor, offering a bold and sophisticated option for your heating. This sleek and stylish finish is ideal for the homeowner with a flair for design. For a more striking finish, we also offer these radiators in a Silver Steel option.

Our Anthracite Grey Designer Steel Radiators are available in a range of sizes, including both vertical and horizontal orientations, so you are sure to find the radiator that’s right for you. Our designer radiators are also available in single and double panel options. For larger rooms, we recommend choosing a double panel radiator for an increased heat output. We offer a huge range of Modern Radiator Valves to perfectly accentuate these gorgeous radiators.