White Aluminium Radiators

Environmentally friendly white aluminium radiators

The range of white aluminium radiators that we have on offer are attractive, easy to install, affordable, and economic to run.

These designer white radiators have been hand-picked from a selection of trusted, expert manufacturers. Every radiator has been designed with both form and function in mind, with attractive painted finishes, high heat outputs delivered by effective design, and a modern designer style to ensure they look great in any environment they're installed in.

Our white aluminium radiators are available as both horizontal aluminium radiators and vertical aluminium radiators; horizontal radiators are ideal where there is a large wall space available, and vertical radiators are able to offer similar heat outputs, with a greatly reduced footprint on the wall of the room they are in.

Due to the lightweight nature of aluminium, these radiators are exceptionally easy to mount to almost any wall in the home. These radiators are an ultra-economical choice for your heating requirements, due to their low internal water volume. This means that less water needs to circulate in your system, in turn, reducing costs. As an added benefit to the same lightweight material and low water content, these radiators heat up exceedingly fast and radiate heat into the room with extreme efficiency

These designer-styled white aluminium radiators are suited primarily for modern and contemporary homes, however if installed in an older property that may not benefit from modern insulation, they would certainly offer efficiency and warmth.

We recommend that these white aluminium radiators are installed with modern radiator valves & matching pipe sleeve covers. If at any point you require any assistance with your purchase, please contact us or telephone us on 02394 216 216, and our expert sales team will be happy to help you with any queries that you may have.