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Specialist Finishes

Specialist Finishes To Indulge Your Interior Design Dreams.

The range of finishes is vast for radiators. We would always highly recommend discussing your requirements with our specialists. The below are a few examples of the more popular specialist finishes, and we hope you agree, are really quite stunning. These are being increasingly chosen for Ornate, Flat-Faced and Victorian radiators.

Ageing, Antiquing, Highlighting and creating a patina.

Cast Iron Radiator - Antiqued Highlight Finish

Mostly used on Cast Iron radiators, these finish techniques are applied to suggest a vintage look. The antiqued paint effect subtly reveals the often ornate detailing. This is done by picking out and enhancing the raised areas by applying, then rubbing back an antiquing wash that complements, yet contrasts the color of the radiator. Highlighting Effects work in the opposite way, by applying a gilding paste to the raised detail and amplifying the beauty of the base colour you choose. Both finishes are undertaken by hand, so do mean a slightly longer waiting time, but the end results are outstanding.

  • Old Pewter / Copper

  • Old Penny / Copper

  • Antique Copper / Copper

  • Aged Gold / Copper

  • James White / Copper

  • Old Pewter / Gold

  • Old Penny / Gold

  • Antique Copper / Gold

  • Aged Gold / Gold

  • James White / Gold

Burnishing & polishing.

Cast Iron Radiator - Full Polish

Whether your choice of cast iron radiator is highly detailed and ornate, or one of our sublimely stylish flat-faced models, Burnishing & Polishing will ensure they look stunning. Each section of your new radiator will be meticulously hand-polished to the type of polished finish you need. There are four levels of polishing, from Industrial which is the least shiny, then Burnished, Hand-Polished which gets close to a reflective effect and a Mirror finish, which, as the name suggests, will be shiny enough to see your face in.

  • Industrial

  • Burnished

  • Hand Polished

  • Mirror Polished

Metallic. Bringing the beauty of different metal effects to life.

Cast Iron Radiator - Metallic Pewter

Deciding on a metallic paint finish is a simple choice to make, as they look amazing, just right for a cast iron radiator. Natural Cast is a colour you would expect an antique cast iron radiator to be, dark, solid and characterful. The Pewter and Silver both have shades that can be reminiscent of the old or new, but are unmistakably stylish. Bronze and Copper metallic paints are perfect for certain decor styles and lend themselves well to other effects like ageing and antiquing. Gold will always be a popular finish for cast iron radiators and like silver, can be ordered in different shades. Whilst not actually a metal, Anthracite is worthy of a mention here, as the deep black with the glistening essence of coal is a super finish for all types of radiator.

  • Metallic Pewter

  • Natural Cast

  • Metallic Anthracite

  • Old Penny

  • Metallic Bronze

  • Old Gold

  • Pale Gold

  • Metallic Gold

  • Metallic Copper

  • Metallic Silver

Lacquering. Overlaying a semi-transparent high shine layer on a surface.

Column Radiator - Lacquered Copper Finish

One of the more recent entries to the world of Specialist Radiator Finishes is lacquering. The first step in the process is to prepare and polish your new cast iron radiator. Once perfection is achieved, an opaque, tinted, high-gloss lacquer is applied. The depth of lustre is impressive and it remains translucent enough to see the detail of the polished cast iron underneath. More suited to contemporary settings, the vibrant range of colours really make these a very stylish statement to complement even the boldest of design styles.

  • Sub-Lime

  • Candy Apple

  • Sunburst

  • Carbon Smoke

  • Rosie's Blushes

  • Arctic Blue

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