Electric Column Radiators

Our Electric Radiators are efficient, economical and eco-friendly.

Electric Radiators have been warming homes for many years. Recent technological and environmental impacts have made them a fantastic choice for the future.

Clean and low carbon methods of generating electricity overtook fossil fuels in 2019. The rate at which Solar, Wind, BioFuel, and Hydro technologies are improving and providing greater levels of output mean Electric Column Radiators are an ideal choice for you, and the environment. Not requiring copper plumbing pipes, also means there’s no energy loss and all of the heat is from the radiator itself.

Technological improvements have seen the use of WiFi to control Electric Radiators, and on a cold morning, not having to get out of bed to turn up the heat from your radiator is a real bonus, but one of the most clear benefits is the ability to site your new Electric Radiators wherever you like.

Not needing to be plumbed in means Electric Radiators can be sited in areas of your home that don’t have a water feed. So whether it’s a home office, loft room or conservatory, you are able to have efficient, controllable warmth without disruption.

We won’t be beaten on price, customer service or quality. Be sure to view all of the fabulous options for valves and accessories to complete the look and complement your radiator. Why not pick up the phone and dial 02394 216 216 to discuss your ideas with one of our Radiator experts.