Shower Rails 4U

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Premium Quality, Modern and Traditional Shower Rails

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We've been selling quality shower curtain rails over the internet for more than 10 years. It is important to note the word quality in that opening sentence! Our own modular stainless steel shower poles are made from stainless steel, polished to a bright finish, that will never rust. Our "West" traditional style shower rails are made from brass with a high polish chrome finish, which will also last a lifetime. Both of these ranges are made with flexibility and durability in mind.

Non-corrosive materials are essential in a wet and steamy bathroom environment, so we ensure our products are suitable for the job, don’t opt for an inferior product just because it’s a little cheaper, in the long run, it will cost you more! These best-selling ranges are also designed to be flexible where possible, to make installation more simple, and adjustable to fit most room types and overcome the more common issues met when installing a shower curtain rail in a UK bathroom.

As well as quality products, we pride ourselves equally on the quality of our service; helpful and knowledgeable staff, good stock, fast delivery and affordable prices, which all go towards making Shower Rails 4u the one place you need when buying a shower curtain rail online.